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Shipping & pickup

Send your returns back to the mail order company, receive or send DHL and postal parcels or conveniently collect your order from the PickMup location.


PickMup cleverly links Migros' extensive branch network with the largest online stores in Switzerland. Simply order from a participating online store and use the practical collection and returns service to have your parcel delivered to the Zugerland shopping center free of charge. As soon as your order has been received, you will receive an invitation to pick it up and have 14 days to collect your order from Migros Customer Service on the MVE (middle sales level).

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Päckli Punkt

You can also send your return to your mail order company after work or at the weekend. The k kiosk branch in Zugerland is one of 1,200 Päckli points that will be happy to accept your parcels.

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Post service point

Send or receive your postal parcels conveniently on your next visit to the Zugerland shopping center. The Migros customer service on the MVE (middle sales level) will be happy to accept your economy parcels. For collection on site, select the Swiss Post 'PickPost' service the next time you shop online.

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DHL ServicePoint

The DHL ServicePoint offers the ideal solution for sending and receiving your parcels with DHL. Prepare your shipment conveniently online and hand in your parcel to Migros Customer Service on the MVE (middle sales level) the next time you go shopping. If you would like to collect a parcel notified by DHL in Zugerland, you can have it redirected using DHL's ON DEMAND DELIVERY online service.

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