Directions & Parking

Einkaufscenter Zugerland
Hinterbergstrasse 40
6312 Steinhausen

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A total of 1,056 parking spaces are available in the North and Central parking garages and the South outdoor parking lot.

Parking fees
up to 2h - Fr. 0.50
up to 3h - Fr. 1.00
up to 4h - Fr. 2.00
every additional hour Fr. 3.00

Parkingpay - digital parking ticket
In Zugerland, Parkingpay allows you to enter and exit the car park conveniently without having to queue at the ticket office.
We recommend ordering the Parkingpay badge in the app under "Vehicles" and placing it in your vehicle. This badge is sent to you free of charge by Parkingpay and allows you to enter and exit by holding it up to the badge reader at the barrier. The fee is debited automatically. Learn more

Park & Ride
The 35 Park & Ride parking spaces are available 24 hours a day for CHF 5.00 (marked outdoor spaces to the right of the entrance, along the railroad tracks). Pay your ticket directly at the first payment machine at the right-hand entrance barrier (no change / coins only!). Then drive up to the second machine and take your ticket, which is valid for 24 hours as an exit ticket.
If the red light is on, there are no more Park & Ride parking spaces available.

Charging stations for electric cars
Ten charging stations for electric cars are available in the north parking garage. Charging at all stations is subject to a charge. Further information on M-Charge can be found here.

Family parking spaces
There are 22 spacious family parking spaces in the north parking garage, parking level P3 (west side, at the entrance to the Purzelbaum children's paradise).

Public transportation

The Zugerland is easily accessible by public transport. Steinhausen railroad station ( and the 'Steinhausen, Zugerland EKZ' bus stop operated by Verkehrsbetriebe Zugerland ( are located directly in front of and behind the shopping center respectively.

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