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Zugerland Shopping Center
Hinterbergstrasse 40
6312 Steinhausen




Parking Zugerland

A total of 1'056 parking spaces are available in the parking garages "Nord", "Mitte" and external parking area "Süd". The parking garages are equipped with a parking guidance system.

Parking prices

up to 2 hoursCHF 0.50
up to 3 hoursCHF 1.00
up to 4 hours

CHF 2.00

up to 5 hoursCHF 5.00
up to 6 hoursCHF 8.00
up to 7 hoursCHF 11.00
up to 8 hoursCHF 14.00
up to 9 hoursCHF 17.00
up to 10 hoursCHF 20.00
up to 11 hoursCHF 23.00
up to 12 hoursCHF 27.00

Parkingpay – digital parking ticket

In Zugerland, you can pay conveniently and cashlessly with the Parkingpay parking card without the need for a ticket. The card is scanned at the barrier when you drive in and out, and the parking fee due is then deducted directly. Via App you can load the card with the desired amount of money, you also get an overview of the paid parking fees and can check the current account balance at any time.

By setting up a free parking fee account at you will receive a parking card from "Parkingpay". This card can currently be used in more than 180 car parks in Switzerland.


Park & Ride

The 35 Park & Ride parking spaces are available 24 hours a day for CHF 5.00 (marked outdoor spaces to the right of the entrance, along the railway tracks). You pay the ticket directly at the first payment machine at the right entrance barrier (no change / only coins!). Then drive up to the second machine and remove your ticket, which is valid for 24 hours as an exit ticket.
If the red lamp lights up, Park & Ride parking spaces are no longer available.



Family parking spaces

In the parking garage north, parking level P3, there are 22 comfortable family parking spaces (West side, at the entrance to the childcare Purzelbaum).



Charge stations for electric vehicles

Four charge stations for e-cars are implemented in the parking north. On the first floor there are eight charge stations for e-bikes/e-scooters. All stations are complimentary.



Gas station / car wash / car service

Migrol Auto Service is located opposite the Zugerland shopping center and offers a shop, car wash and car service.

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Public Transportation

Zugerland is also easily accessible by public transportation. The Steinhausen train station ( and Zugerland transportation organization bus stop ( are located immediately in front of or behind the shopping center, respectively.